Sangue di Judah



Paris at night                          

One by one, three flames lit in the night 
The first to better see your face 
The second to see your eyes 
The last to see your mouth 
And the darkness reminds me of these things 
While I hold you in my arms. 

                                     J. Prévert 


Technical Notes

Sangue di Giuda comes from an ancient vine from the Bronesi Hills in the Oltrepo Pavese. Local legend has it that the name, which means "Judah's Blood," was given by friars who disapproved of its stimulating and aphrodisiac effects. Today, Sangue di Giuda is enjoyed as a country wine but still -- so it's said -- enjoy its more "exciting" attributes.

This wine has an intoxicating aroma and is appreciated particularly for its sweet taste, rich with fruity and berry tones. Sangue di Giuda is both a love of wine and a wine of love, drunk by young people that know how to enjoy good people.

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