Recioto and Recioto Amarone 
                                                    of the Valpolicella




Sky and sea 

I am illuminated 



Technical Notes

What can be said about a wine "for meditation"?

It's a wine with two souls, one young and one aged.

Recioto is the young "soul": happy, vibrant, fruity, vine-like. It's a delight for even for the most delicate palates.

The Recioto Amarone is born from grapes that have already "come of age" which are then allowed to sit for four months to give them a rich must. The Amarone is then "put to sleep" in barrels for four years. Then, it is bottle aged for six months, after which it may be used as a precious addition to rich dishes.

The old "soul" of Recioto Amarone is sure to please anyone who loves good literature, a good game of chess, a good conversation, the silence of their own thoughts or ......

Recioto Amarone is a great friend, a treasure that is always faithful.

Special Offer !!!
Sample Recioto $41.00 Recioto Amarone $55.00
Special! 12 (6 and 6)
$35.00 x 6 and $47.00 x 6
Special! 24 (12 and 12)
$33 x 12 and $44 x 12

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