Albana di Romagna


And the glasses were empty 
and the bottles in pieces 
And the bed open wide 
and the door bolted 
And the glass stars 
of beauty and joy 
Shined in the dust 
of the poorly swept room 
And me, stoned drunk 
I was alive with joy 
and you, drunk, intense 
In my arms. 
                       J. Prévert 


Technical Notes

Albana di Romagna is a subtle and elegant white wine. Its rich aroma is scintillating and seducing. The flavor is a rich symphony of aromas that bring back memories of country smells. Few people have been able to taste this wine as production is very limited. There are indeed few places in which this vine grows.

The Albana di Romagna is a prized taste to savor after a day of intense activity. To life!

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