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ECC was started in Rome in 1975. This beginning was inspired and nourished by years of experience with Alitalia’s electronics center in technical matters, international marketing and trade. This wealth of experience allows us to provide our clients with optimum service, assistance, and promotion for a full range of products. 

We distribute our products through a worldwide marketing network made up of professionals with varying areas of expertise, thus giving ECC premium worldwide coverage. 

ECC’s formidable international presence, focused on exportation, really took off in the early 1980s with the "boom" of the Made in Italy label. 

For over twenty years, ECC has continually watched the market to ensure an up-to-date product line with the most advanced technologies. We always seek to limit the number of intermediary steps, thus maximizing the benefit to both clients and suppliers. 

Since its inception, ECC’s sales figures and number of collaborators ECC have continuously grown. In 1997, ECC is proud to be considered one of the top exporters in Italy. 

COMPANY NAME The JET SET Importers Exporters S.r.l. 

INCORPORATION April 18, 1975 

CAPITAL 99,999,000 Italian Lire 

BANK CREDIT US $ 4,400,000 

TURNOVER US $ 23,323,000 

MAIN ACTIVITIES import and export 




PRESIDENT Sergio Corneli 

POSITION Management representation; Procurist 


BACKGROUND Alitalia Computer Center 



2) BIAS 6) SIM 


4) TECNORama

BANK REFERENCES Rolo Banca - Ag. 9 - Rome 

Banca di Roma - Ag.141 – Rome 

ADDRESS Via di Torrevecchia 3/F, - 00168 Rome 

TELEPHONE + 39 6 81170447 (20 PABX LINES) 

TELEFAX + 39 6 81170447 - 30600133 - 3387829 

INFO-FAX + 39 6 3381625 


MAIN OFFICES Independent office block

      • Sales offices
      • Showroom
      • Systems' training office
      • Systems' testing centre
      • Administration
      • Software development centre
      • Technical assistance centre

"JETSET 5" Independent Companies throughout Italy.

    All companies operate based on the same policies and collaborate on the same market segment reacting immediately to every customer need and price. 

     Taste of Italy by ECC  Exports "typically Italian" products such as wine, olive oil and tiles at extremely low prices to Europe, the United States and countries all around the world. 

     "E.C.C." European Computer Company  Distributes products imported from the Far East throughout Europe. From its warehouse ECC has ready supplies for its European customers and other distributors. Furthermore ECC acts as exclusive agent for products being imported from other European countries and the United States. 

    "3L's" prime purpose is to distribute mass storage and back-up units to retailers. 

    "FUTURA" Software development, in particular programs for IBM, DEC and DATA GENERAL mini system, is the specialty of FUTURA. 

    "ABA L" supplies 486 and PENTIUM computers to the consumer market as well as discount retailers. 


    a) Technical support for JETSET customers, including repairs, maintenance, customer service, installation and design of L.A.N. and telecommunication systems. 

    b) Technical support for all major name as IBM, OLIVETTI, PHILIPS,EPSON computers and printers for products under warranty.